Gone Fishing

We’re off to Richmond and Colonial Williamsburg for an action-packed week of tourism and theme parks. Regular blogging will resume on the fifth. Recipes and photographs of roller coasters could happen at any time, however.

8 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. Congrats on the move and enjoy the vacation. I was sorry when you left The Atlantic, but am glad you’re bailing off the Daily Beast/Newsweek ship before it sinks. I’ll look forward to continuing to follow you both here and at Bloomberg.

  2. Enjoy Williamsburg, and leave at least 2 days for the Revolutionary City— they alternate between ‘revolutionary’ and ‘colonial’ days now. We went over Spring Break, and had a blast.

  3. Still no sign of the bread and circuses — pardon, recipes and rollercoasters. I remain optimistic, however!

  4. Seeing McSudderman posting on Reason during this, it reminds me of why my family always took vacations to Hawaii when we could afford it: it meant the stock market closed before noon and you could force my father to stop working.

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